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Someone in a 15-year-old Hyundai Accent might be saying to the world either “yes I’m skint but I don’t care about cars” (because if they did they’d drive an even more ropey old BMW, or something); or “I’m quite well off but I have better things to spend my money on than a car like going to the theatre and stuff”. Even the default car of modern motoring, a new VW Golf, says that you’re not boring enough to actually be “into” cars, but you can afford something decent and tasteful, and you know enough to make this particular choice.

Which brings me rather neatly to the Beetle Cabriolet R-Line.

After all, even icons have to evolve to remain true to themselves.

Celebrate the iconic VW Beetle with this awesome LEGO® Creator Expert reproduction.

Given VW's financial might, it's surprising that they don't update the cabriolet every generation. It must be very difficult to design a cabrio based on a boxy hatchback.

Why not make your next partner a Volkswagen Polo, or perhaps a Renault Clio?

Edwards Smith, 63, yesterday told Philip Schofield and Amanda Holden on ITV’s ‘This Morning’ that his first sexual experience was with a Volkswagen Beetle, and that he has had sex with over 700 cars.

The 63-year-old said his first experience of loving a car was when he was “tempted to step outside” one evening in 1965, and have sex with his neighbour’s car.

The accessible interior features beige-colored, forward-tilting seats, dashboard and steering wheel, and the roof-mounted surfboard and a cooler box can be removed. It included some brand new pieces that I have never seen like the wheel arches.

It's impressively accurate to the original, Lego went as far as to create new pieces for this set, which really help capture the feel of the ever popular, and very familiar design of the Volkswagen Beetle.

My only gripes are with the surfboard and beach mat.

“It is hugging and holding the shape of the car close to me and actually talking to it a little bit.

And then of course, the rest is just physical satisfaction – masturbation is, I guess, the word.” He makes love to his cars on private property now.

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I would recommend this for those injured with PTSD and have extreme difficulty in using their hands and fingers. The Lego Beetle is a must have for any Lego collector.

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